November 2013

This past week I have been checking the various permissions of guest accounts regarding accessing ebooks. There was confusion over whether or not different guest accounts had different levels of access to our vendors’ ebooks.

I have good news: all guest accounts have the SAME permissions when it comes to accessing ebooks. I specifically looked at four vendors: ebrary, EBL, Sage, and EBSCO. I tested for access, as well as downloading privileges, with all accounts could do.

In case you have never used a guest account before, you receive a laminated piece of paper that the DML can use to generate login in credentials for you. These credentials are what allow you to access ebooks, and log on to computers. There are other hoops to jump through to download ebooks, but once a user is authenticated with those login credentials, they can use any email address to create the requisite accounts (Adobe Digital Editions, EBL, etc.).


Hello everyone,

Heads up: Wiley is experiencing some technical issues, resulting in some outages. For more details, see their email below…

Dear Customer

Please be aware that Wiley Online Library is currently experiencing network problems and is therefore unavailable. Our technical team are working to restore access as a matter of urgency and we will keep you updated when it has been restored.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause to you and your website users.


Wiley Online Library Team