July 2014

Despite our best efforts, patrons continue to use the large staplers to staple a small number of pages, which results in ugly stapler jams that are difficult to fix. Let’s try keeping the large staplers on the wire shelf next to the printer, rather than leaving them out on the counter. Patrons who ask to use the large stapler should be reminded that they must have at least 20 pages to staple.

As part of a larger reorganization of stack decks A, B, and C (reference is on B), the reference collection will be rearranged beginning this week.  The project’s duration is uncertain; expect it to take at least two weeks.

When the project is complete, the As will be shelved along the west wall (where Ps are currently).  The Zs will be at the end of the space that is closest to the Donovan Reading Room.  The call number ranges will run the full length of each aisle (consistent with the shelving in the main stacks).  Ask a librarian for a better explanation, if you’re curious.

While the rearranging is being done, your work will be affected in two ways.

First, please be prepared to help users locate and request items in the reference collection using the guidelines below.

— Users will be able to access the collection but certain call number ranges will be inaccessible at any given time

— During librarian hours, offer to walk a user to the reference collection and help him/her locate an item

— All items will be made available upon request within 24 hours

— Use the Request link in an item’s Pegasus catalog record (just as you would for an intercampus loan request)

— Note that guests without library cards cannot make these automated requests; it is unlikely this will be an issue but if it arises, please request help from a librarian or, if no librarian is available, ask for the guest’s contact information and send it to me (jcurrie@luc.edu) along with the item information

Secondly, we will be responsible for our usual reshelving throughout the project.  Reshelve to the best of your ability.  If you cannot determine where an item should be shelved, take it to our department office and place it on my desk.

Please send your questions to me at jcurrie@luc.edu.  It will be exciting to have a better organized, freshly shelved reference collection!


Pegasus will be down for planned system maintenance for the next couple of days. It should be up and running at some point on the 16th (Wednesday), but it may be available again sooner than that. It is difficult to predict exactly how long this update will take.

During this time, Pegasus will not appear on the library website. Worldcat Local is working, and it will indicate which books we own, but it will not display call numbers or locations (Cudahy vs Lewis vs Storage vs Law vs Health Sciences, etc). There is also no way of knowing if a book is checked out.

The best option for helping patrons locate a book is to search for the item in the catalog of another library and hope that their call numbers match up relatively well with ours. Some good places to search include University of Chicago, UIC, and Northwestern (although Northwestern has a lot of Dewey call numbers, so watch out for these). Be sure to explain to the patron that this call number is a best guess, and that we can’t be sure that the book will be on the shelf until we find it. If possible, go over to Cudahy and check the stacks to confirm the call number.

Also remember that many books will be in Lewis Library, the Law Library, or Health Sciences. Books in the following subject areas are likely to be at Lewis:

Business, Communication, Computer Science, Criminal Justice, Education, Mathematics & Statistics, Pastoral Studies, and Social Work