August 2014

SOWK 506 with Prof Seryak has a required reading • Fraser, M., Taylor, M. J., Jackson, R. M. & O’Jack, J. (1991). Social work and science: Many ways of knowing? Social Work Research and Abstracts, 27(4), 5-15. (E-journals)

We do NOT have this journal electronically. It is only in print, in the reference collection HV 1 .A2. The title is in Pegasus under Social Work Research & Abstracts. Yes, that is an ampersand and “and” will not work.

The shift in the reference collection is complete!  New range cards are hanging and the call number map is updated.  You may wish to refamiliarize yourself with where commonly used titles are shelved as nearly every book in the collection has been moved.

Please resume regular reshelving weekdays before 12:00 noon.  Remember the day’s tidy-up, too.  A new tidy-up map is in the binder at the IC desk and posted in Stack Deck A.  Each day’s assigned area has changed to match the rearrangement so please check the map as you reshelve.

Your questions are welcome.  Please send them to

All incoming students will be given a UVID.  With this and their password, they will be able to access library e-resources.

After an incoming student has his/her Loyola ID card, the student will be able to borrow books from the library.  New IDs are uploaded in batches but if a student with a new ID that has not yet been added wants to borrow a book, his/her ID will be activated on the spot.