October 2014

UCWR students are using an online program called Pearson Writer to cite the sources in their research papers.  In the “Cite a Source” section of Pearson Writer, a student can use a template to prepare the citation.  A menu with tabs for website, book, journal, database, and “all 61 options” appears on the page.  Going to a tab initiates the use of one of the templates.  “All 61 options” links to templates for less common source types such as photographs and encyclopedia entries.

It is possible that as the semester progresses, UCWR students will ask for our help identifying pieces of information needed in a template.

The Room Reservation and Equipment Rental system is back up now

We are currently having problems with the Room and Equipment Reservation System. It is undergoing a systems upgrade and will not be available for a while. I don’t know how long, so until it is completed, the Rooms for Group Study are used on a first-come-first-serve basis

Remember that you likely aren’t wearing a badge that identifies you as a library staff member.  This means that when you go behind the Circulation Desk to retrieve items for reshelving, the staff members there may not know who you are.  Simply let anyone unfamiliar to you know that you’re a Reference Assistant taking care of reshelving in the reference collection.

The library has partnered with Sullivan High School to offer vocational training for a small group of students who have cognitive disabilities. We welcomed the first group on October 7. They will be here three days a week (usually Tuesday through Thursday) from 12:30 to 2:00 and will work in public spaces including the IC, Cudahy stacks, popular reading, current periodicals, and LSF. You will also see them in the technical services and access services staff areas when they pick up assignments. The program will continue through December 4 with three different groups working three weeks each.

Hi everyone,

I had an interesting reference question about a request from a professor at Carthage College with which we share a strategic partnership (more here: http://www.luc.edu/socialwork/carthage/).

As far as accessing our collection goes, if they come to Cudahy/the IC they can access items as our students/faculty would. If they want to send items to Carthage, they go through their library (http://www.carthage.edu/library/) and ILL items to their campus.

In the event you get requests from “the Kenosha campus” or Carthage, and you are unsure what to do, refer them to Susan Wardzala (swardza@luc.edu 312.915.6635) who is our liaison to that program.

Bonus reminder: Ursula kindly reminded me of the AV request form (http://libraries.luc.edu/av) and that we do *not* ship DVDs to patrons (all level of students, faculty, etc.). We can, however, ship books in some cases.

The both Ursula and I are happy to field any follow up questions, should you have any.


Students in a communications class need to locate the first page of a newspaper from 40 years ago (1974) and from their birth year (approximately 1996).

For the 40-year-old paper, suggest using the New York Times digitally.  Note the option to search a specific date and to limit results to document type: front page/cover story.    Generate a list of results for that date.  Open one article from the results list and then select page view.  Download that page and provide it to the student by saving to a flash drive or sending it by e-mail.

Repeat the process for the paper from their birth date.