April 2015

A theology instructor has sent several reports of her students being told that our library does not contain either the Anchor Bible Commentary or the New Interpreter’s Bible Commentary.  Both sources are in the library collection.

One copy of every volume in the Anchor Bible Commentary may be found in the reference collection.  Each volume corresponds with one (occasionally two or three) book in the Bible.  Each volume has a slightly different call number but all are shelved together beginning at the call number (Ref) BS 192.2 .A1.

The library has duplicate copies of many volumes of the Anchor Bible Commentary.  Those are shelved in the main stacks at the same call number as they are at in the reference collection.  The main stacks copies are available for checkout.

Each volume of the New Interpreter’s Bible Commentary contains commentary on several books in the Bible.  The volumes are at the call number (Ref) BS 491.2 .N484.  This title is not in the main stacks; it is only in the reference collection.

The instructor is also reporting students misdirected to the reference collection.  When asked where it is located, please be sure to offer the Circulation Desk as a source of help if your directions do not get someone there successfully.  It is easier for staff at the Circulation Desk to describe the location than it is to do so from the second floor of the IC.

Digital Media Services had to make some changes to Web Checkout, the system for reserving group study rooms and digital media equipment. There were some problems that kept some users from logging in, so this is a temporary fix while they work that out.

The big change comes with logging in. After entering username and password and hitting enter, nothing will happen on the log in screen. The user will then need to click on the “Web Checkout” icon on the top right of the screen to proceed to the next step. There are paper instructions on the monitor at the 2nd floor desk, but I don’t believe that this new step has been explained anywhere else at this point.

Beginning Monday, April 20th and continuing through Monday, May 4th, there will be no community access to the IC and Cudahy Library. Restricted access applies to community visitors only . Alumni, Friends of the Libraries, guests from reciprocal institutions, and guests of Loyola patrons will continue to have access to the IC and Cudahy Library during this time. Please inform all community guests that access to the IC and Cudahy Library will resume on Tuesday, May 5.