June 2015

As part of the transition to a new Library Search tool, library access to Worldcat Local ends as of July 1, 2015. The new Library Search tool will be available on July 23.

There are several library databases that can be used to perform tasks that you may have done with Worldcat Local.

  • Search for books and movies at Loyola  – for the rest of July, you can search for books, movies, and other physical material in the Loyola Libraries by using the Pegasus catalog.
  • Search for books at other libraries – You can search for books that we don’t have here at Loyola with the Worldcat Firstsearch database. This version of Worldcat does not search journal articles, like Worldcat Local does, but it does search library catalogs around the world. You can also initiate interlibrary loan requests for specific books when you search for them in Worldcat Firstsearch.
  • Search for journal articles – The library subscribes to hundreds of article databases that cover different areas of research. You can choose the best database for your research area from our Research Guides, or use Academic Search Complete, which is a general article database that covers all disciplines.

From June 26 through late July, many of our ebooks will be unavailable because of the transition to a new library system. When patrons try to access these ebooks through Pegasus, they’ll get a message saying that the book is temporarily unavailable, and that they should contact Reference for help.

If you hear from patrons about this problem, there are a couple of approaches to consider:

1. You can try to help the patron find another book or article that would suit their research need

2. You can suggest that the patron request the book through ILL

3. If an e-book is needed, have the patron fill out this form: http://libraries.luc.edu/purchase You can tell the patron that we will do our best to purchase the e-book they need, but it may take some time.

4. Do not hesitate to refer these questions to one of the reference librarians.

In all cases, please be sure to record these transactions in Libanalytics, and record the title of the book that was requested when you enter the question.

More electrical outlets will be installed on the third floor of the IC between Monday, June 29th and Thursday, July 2nd.  The work will be noisy and complaints are very possible.  Please direct anyone who complains of a lack of quiet space to the Donovan Reading Room or to the lower, second, and third floors of Cudahy Library.