Currently the kiosk at the second floor reference desk is not allowing users to reach the study room reservation page. Nick sent this update:

I had updated the WebCheckout reservation login page a week prior with the assistance of our vendor so the new LibCal links were visible there and users could navigate from there to book group study rooms. Upon testing right now however, it does appear the kiosk software has a prompt indicating the URL is blocked. I’ll have to investigate this further if there’s any way I can unlock those workstations to reconfigure them to allow those URLs.

 I’ll create some signage to place next to those kiosks in the meantime, indicating the URL for students to visit directly from their mobile devices to book group study room reservations. I will keep you posted as I am able to update it.

Nick will place those signs some time today.

While we are waiting for the links to be fixed, students can go directly to the LibCal URL from the library or IC website.You can also make a reservation for people from the reference desk computers. The system does not require logging in, so you can just type in the LUC email address.

IC Room reservation: