Graduate Reference Assistants,

Please review the research guide and the handout that is linked from the first page at the start of your shift today:

Also take a look at the new library website to familiarize yourself with the new layout.

You’ll notice that the e-journals tab is missing from the middle of the website. In the new catalog, it’s much easier to search for a print or electronic journal by title and find it in the library catalog. Try it out with some journals from your discipline. There is also an A-Z list of all of the journals, both print and online. Right now you can access this list from the top right corner of the catalog search page, and we’ll probably add it to the website in the future.
However, there are some issues with the e-journals system right now as we get things started. You’ll see that the old list of e-journals is still linked on the library website under the “Find” column. For the next couple of days, it will be a good idea to double check this list for e-journal access while we work out some kinks in the new system.
There will probably be a lot of questions from patrons, so if you’re not able to help them, please be sure to put them in touch with a librarian. Things may be a little messy as we figure out some of the last few issues with the catalog, so thanks for your help.

As part of the transition to a new library catalog, book requests in the Pegasus catalog will be suspended for several days. Starting at noon on Friday, July 17th, you will be unable to place requests (such as holds or inter-campus loan) via the Pegasus catalog. The ability to place requests will resume when the new library catalog launches on Thursday, July 23. If you need to place an inter-campus loan request for a book during this time, please contact Brian Harag ( or 773.508.2634), who will coordinate sending/receiving books to the correct location.

As part of the transition to a new library catalog, DVD check out will be suspended for several days. Starting at noon on Friday, July 17th, there will be no DVD check out. Please contact James Conley ( or 773.508.8423) with any questions concerning our audio-visual collection.

As part of the transition to a new Library Search tool, library access to Worldcat Local ends as of July 1, 2015. The new Library Search tool will be available on July 23.

There are several library databases that can be used to perform tasks that you may have done with Worldcat Local.

  • Search for books and movies at Loyola  – for the rest of July, you can search for books, movies, and other physical material in the Loyola Libraries by using the Pegasus catalog.
  • Search for books at other libraries – You can search for books that we don’t have here at Loyola with the Worldcat Firstsearch database. This version of Worldcat does not search journal articles, like Worldcat Local does, but it does search library catalogs around the world. You can also initiate interlibrary loan requests for specific books when you search for them in Worldcat Firstsearch.
  • Search for journal articles – The library subscribes to hundreds of article databases that cover different areas of research. You can choose the best database for your research area from our Research Guides, or use Academic Search Complete, which is a general article database that covers all disciplines.

From June 26 through late July, many of our ebooks will be unavailable because of the transition to a new library system. When patrons try to access these ebooks through Pegasus, they’ll get a message saying that the book is temporarily unavailable, and that they should contact Reference for help.

If you hear from patrons about this problem, there are a couple of approaches to consider:

1. You can try to help the patron find another book or article that would suit their research need

2. You can suggest that the patron request the book through ILL

3. If an e-book is needed, have the patron fill out this form: You can tell the patron that we will do our best to purchase the e-book they need, but it may take some time.

4. Do not hesitate to refer these questions to one of the reference librarians.

In all cases, please be sure to record these transactions in Libanalytics, and record the title of the book that was requested when you enter the question.

More electrical outlets will be installed on the third floor of the IC between Monday, June 29th and Thursday, July 2nd.  The work will be noisy and complaints are very possible.  Please direct anyone who complains of a lack of quiet space to the Donovan Reading Room or to the lower, second, and third floors of Cudahy Library.

Digital Media Services had to make some changes to Web Checkout, the system for reserving group study rooms and digital media equipment. There were some problems that kept some users from logging in, so this is a temporary fix while they work that out.

The big change comes with logging in. After entering username and password and hitting enter, nothing will happen on the log in screen. The user will then need to click on the “Web Checkout” icon on the top right of the screen to proceed to the next step. There are paper instructions on the monitor at the 2nd floor desk, but I don’t believe that this new step has been explained anywhere else at this point.

Beginning Monday, April 20th and continuing through Monday, May 4th, there will be no community access to the IC and Cudahy Library. Restricted access applies to community visitors only . Alumni, Friends of the Libraries, guests from reciprocal institutions, and guests of Loyola patrons will continue to have access to the IC and Cudahy Library during this time. Please inform all community guests that access to the IC and Cudahy Library will resume on Tuesday, May 5.

Hi everyone,

I received word that Wiley will be updating their Online Library this Saturday (March 21st) from 4am-2pm CST. There will be services outages. If you or a patron need to contact them, please refer to this link:

The lock has been changed on Room 204 (the ITRS drop-in room), and we have requested a new key. In the meantime, if any University staff members ask you to unlock that room, please contact the IC supervisor on duty, who can unlock the room.

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