Dear Students,

Information Technology Services has successfully upgraded the OnePrint software, which allows students to print from personal computers to authorized printers throughout campus. This upgrade was done to improve security and speed.

Students who use this service will need to re-install OnePrint on their personal devices. The new software and related instructions are available at

Questions can be directed to the ITS help desk at 773.508.4ITS (4487) or


Information Technology Services

The second computer at the IC reference desk (typically used by graduate students) has been experiencing some sound issues. Apparently, sounds do not work on the Firefox browser on that particular computer. If you are working at that computer, be sure to have AskLive Chat opened up in either Chrome or Internet Explorer to ensure that you are hearing chat questions.

The speakers aren’t working on the GA workstation. The GA on duty won’t hear the audio cue for chat questions. The problem has been reported to the help desk.

The help desk report includes the following info: the PC is a Dell Optiplex 755; the barcode is 106024. Devin verified that the PC volume setting is on, the speaker is turned on, and that the speaker cord is plugged in on the back of the PC. If you find that you don’t have a problem with the speaker volume, please add a comment to this post and I’ll cancel the help desk request. Thanks.

SaltarSmart, an adware PUP, asked to install when I opened the Chrome and Firefox browsers this evening; I uninstalled the program and deleted the SS add-on on all three browsers. This isn’t a new infection – there was evidence that SaltarSmart was on the workstation last week when multiple malware programs were removed. At that time I found an empty SaltarSmart folder in the program files, but couldn’t find evidence that it was still on the PC. Today the SaltarSmart program appeared on the program list and was easy to uninstall. SaltarSmart is fairly benign. I think the PC is fully “disinfected,” but please let me know if odd problems occur, particularly with the browsers.

Sometime between late Sunday night and Monday morning the librarian workstation at the IC ref desk was infected with multiple malware.  It appears to be fine now, but please report if you notice any browser re-directs or unusual search provider add-ons.  If needed, place a  help desk request,  and please cc: me on it.

Among the many programs and add-ons inadvertently installed: Conduit Secure Search, Vafmusic 7, Search Protect by Conduit, SweetPacks Search, Severe Weather, Sever Weather Notifier, and SaltarSmart.  These have all been removed.  I’ve rebooted the PC and it seems as if it’s clear.  If any of these search add-ons on re-appears, please let me know.  -Stephen



The monitor at the grad student workstation is now working.  (There had been an intermittent problem with the vga cable for several months, and the monitor became inoperable late Monday afternoon.  Sarah sent a help desk request, and a technician stopped by to repair it.)

There are known printing issues on the second floor. ITS will place signs on specific Mac workstations that have printing capability. Currently there are eight Macs that do not have printing capability. Please direct students to use PCs if they find it necessary to print.

IT staff will advise us when this situation has been resolved.

The south computer of the Reference Desk, used by the G. A. staff, is not working. It is shutting down and asking for a login, when one goes to login, it shuts down again. The problem has been reported to ITS through the staff in the ITS office so we don’t have a reference number. But they are working on it.

Please delete any non work related icons that you have on the Reference Desk Computer. Thanks


I spoke with Nick from DML and he confirms that we have One Print. One Print allows students to print from their laptops and send print jobs to the printers located in the IC and Cudahy. Nick did mention that it is suggested that the program should be installed on the student laptop every semester to make sure that the program is functioning. For additional information please see the attached link:

Thank you,
Faith B.

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