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Hello Reference!

The evening supervisors are experiencing some problems with finding people in IC 315 and IC 332 during the evening hours who do not have reservations.  We try to put all reservations on the IC’s Sakai calendar for these rooms, though sometimes they sneak up on us.

IC 315 is a staff meeting room.  It is very rarely used in the evening by anyone.  The schedule is a GroupWise calendar that is accessible to all the librarians and IC supervisors.  Please check with a librarian or supervisor before letting anyone into that room.

IC 332 is the teleconference room.  The room can only be scheduled by Loyola faculty and staff (i.e. not students) via Campus Reservations.  Once again, if you do not see a reservation on Sakai for the person who is asking for access, please ask a librarian or IC supervisor to verify the reservation before letting anyone into the room.



Note: The Sakai calendar that Jeannette refers to is in the Events tab on the left side of the screen when you are logged into the Klarchek IC site in Sakai.  If you don’t know how to access the Klarchek IC site in Sakai, please ask the librarian with whom you are working for instructions.  -Jane

Hi —

Amy and Paul are going to work extra hard to check the right rooms are unlocked and locked appropriately each morning.  Here is a review of the rooms that are commonly requested for unlocking:

IC 221 is the Writing Center and should be opened for staff of the Writing Center.

IC 229 is the Assistive Technology Room and should be unlocked upon request.

IC 315 is a staff meeting room and may only be unlocked for library staff.

IC 314, 316 and IC 205 are staff spaces during the day, but available on the Group Study Room Reservation System beginning at 5:00 p.m.  [Note that 314 is permanently reserved from 6-Midnight Sunday – Thursday for the Cristo Rey Scholars, so no one else should be able to reserve that room.]

IC 332 is a teleconference meeting space and may only be reserved via Campus Reservations. The room is kept locked and we should go ahead and unlock it if someone indicates that they have a reservation.  If you are ever conflicted about whether the individual actually had a reservation — ask the IC supervisor or a librarian to check the campus reservation system.  Even if you have already let someone in the room, we can go up and remove them or find out what is going on after the fact.

All 4th floor questions should be shifted to the IC supervisor on duty, though the reference librarians may be able to handle some types of questions in the absence of a supervisor.

All of the regular classrooms should be unlocked in the morning and throughout the day.  However, we do lock them after the last classes each evening and they are unlocked again the next morning.  Let me know if you are asked to unlock them so that we can keep an eye on whether this is happening.

Let me know if you have questions.



If you are asked to unlock rooms in the IC please make sure that you are unlocking valid study rooms. If someone asks you to unlock rooms 314, 315 or any other room that is not a study room contact the IC supervisor. Also if someone who is a library staff member asks you to unlock a meeting room, please inquire as to the identity of the person who is calling.

Adam sent this to the supervisors on Friday:

I wanted to follow-up regarding the Group Study Reservation System to let you know that the daily limitations are now in place for both the LSC and WTC. Users can reserve one group study room per day at both the LSC and WTC. If they attempt to reserve more than one room, the system will indicate that they can only reserve one room per day and to select an alternate day or campus.



If you have not already, please take a look a the new group study room system via the IC web site or on the kiosk at the south end of the level 2 service desk.   If those of you who were aware of it, the e-mail confirmation message can now be viewed properly by all who reserve a room.

Right now, there is only an option to reserve rooms for two hours, but Adam is adding the one hour option soon.



Hello — The  Group Study Reservation System has down while we upgrade to a new system.  The new system should be up and running after 3:00 this afternoon.  It will look quite different.  Please test it out once it is available.



IC 314 has been used as a teleconference room for the past year, but the teleconference equipment is going to be moved into IC 332. Reservations for IC 332 can be made through the campus reservations system. [Note:  332 is not yet on campus reservations.  I will update you as soon as this is the case. In the meantime, if there are questions please direct them to me.  Thanks. Jeannette]

IC 314 will be considered a staff meeting room during the 8-5 hours, meaning that it can be reserved by library staff during that time. If you receive requests to reserve that room from outside of the library, please forward them to Jeannette. After 5:00, the room will become a group study room, and it can be reserved using the group study reservation room.

There is a student who frequently comes to the desk and asks to have room 316 unlocked, even though he does not have a reservation to use that room. If anyone asks you to unlock that room (or any room, for that matter), remember to make sure that person has the room reserved.

Room 316 is a special case room that cannot be reserved during the daytime hours because it is reserved as a meeting room, but it can be reserved like a regular group study room after 5:00. It is unlikely that a student will have 316 reserved during the daytime hours.

Justin Daffron will be using room 331 on Thursday, July 30th.  Please unlock the door for him using the group study room key when asked. 


Hello Everyone,

In an effort to be more efficient, Niamh created a “group study override” category on the reference blog page. If you click on the “category” link it will take you to the original blog posting outlining how to do a group study room reservation override. First however, it will prompt you for a password. This password can now be found on the password page located in the blue binder.

I hope you are all doing very well this semester,


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