For help repairing a photocopier, contact IC Supervisor Amy Leung (

For photocopier toner replacement, also contact Amy.

For help with the photocopier card reader, contact Ursula Scholz ( or 8-2636).

The trial run of the new scan to e-mail function on the photocopiers was unsuccessful. At this time, we don’t know when this will be up and running.

The program allowing users to send scans from the photocopiers directly to e-mail is going to be turned on Tuesday morning, 9/24. Once everything is up and running, Ursula will spend time testing the system, and will then send out instructions for using this feature.
It is unlikely that users will discover this feature on their own because it’s kind of hidden in the photocopier menu, but if you do get questions about scan to e-mail, please contact Cudahy Circulation.

The northmost copier on the IC 2nd floor was not allowing students to log out. I have reported the issue to Ursula and put an out of order sign on the card reader (it will still work with coins).

Access Services is aware of problems with the photocopier card readers and is trying to get them repaired.  Please be aware that the “clear,” “cancel,” and “quit” buttons are not always removing a user’s card information after s/he is finished with the machine.  It can take as long as 5-minutes of inactivity before the information clears.  The short-term solution is to unplug the card reader and then plug it back in.  Access Services has requested a long-term solution, and soon!

Please remember to send users to photocopiers on the first floor of Cudahy Library in the event you cannot get either IC machine working.

Both photocopiers are currently reading USB flash drives. If the problem recurs, it is recommended that the photocopy machine is turned off for ten seconds, then re-started. The toggle button to turn on/off the photocopy machine is located on the front beneath a plastic flap.

We’ve had a few problems with the copiers lately, but they seem to magically disappear when Ursula comes over to take a look. Here are some things to keep in mind when dealing with the copier:

1. Students get $3.50 in printing money from Loyola, but that money cannot be used for photocopying, it can only be used on the printers.
2. Students need to have at least 60 cents in Rambler Bucks (printer money from Loyola does NOT count) on their cards to use the copy machine.

If a patron is having trouble getting the copy machine to recognize their account funds, have the patron check his balance online, to find out exactly what the rambler bucks balance is:

If you see that the patron has more than 60 cents in his rambler bucks account, but he’s still not able to make copies, please try to contact Ursula or Bonnie at the circulation desk, and send the patron over to the copy machine in Cudahy so that they can try to duplicate the problem. If Ursula and Bonnie are unavailable, please note the exact circumstances of the problem and speak to me (Niamh) about it.

A technician is coming tomorrow to see if they can get the copier in the reference offices hooked up to allow for e-mail. Ursula wanted to make sure we are aware of it so that we can let them into the office when they arrive.


I just sent an e-mail message to Ross indicating that the display on the north photocopier indicates that it needs toner.  For now, its copies are acceptable.  I will try to post a comment if/when I receive a reply from Ross.

I found a photocopier cash refund request form in the blue binder at the IC Reference Desk.  It is dated 6/1 and does not include any staff initials.   Cash refund requests should be initialed by a staff member and the patron should take the form to circulation immediately to request the refund.  This form was filled out by a Kenneth Owens.  If you know anything about it, could you please contact me privately.  I just need to know whether this patron is expecting to hear from someone about the refund or if I can discard the form.



P.S.  I am adding the information below to the blue binder.



Verify the copier error, and if approved, complete Cash refund request form

Attach copier output to form if available

Refer patron to Cudahy Library Circulation Desk to obtain refund


Verify copier error, and if approved, complete Rambler Bucks refund request form

Attach copier output to form if available

Notify patron that the request will be processed within 7-10 business days by the Campus Card Office

Submit form to Daytime Supervisor for processing

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