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When a student, faculty member, or staff person contacts us because of a problem with off campus access to an electronic resource, start by asking whether or not they are able to log into their Outlook e-mail and Sakai. Also check to see if they tried using a different browser to access the particular resource (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.). If they are still having issues, feel free to refer them to the following link:

Password self-service:

ITS recently updated their account troubleshooting page. What was once known as PAM is now Password Self-Service. There are four main sections with subsections. We will want to refer them to #3 Password Reset. All of the subsections are the same for all of the categories, so I’ve only listed them once (bullets).

  1. First time setup
    • Enter user name
    • Confirm
    • Challenge Questions
    • Review
  2. Manage Settings
  3. Password Reset
  4. Account Unlock

Keep in mind that any number of things could be causing access issues or problems with their account. If they are still having access issues try to gather as much information you can about what might be causing that error before referring them. If you can identify a specific issue, refer them to one of the following people:

Will –

Gino –

ITS Help Desk –

Registrar –

Health Sciences Library –

When a student, faculty member, or staff person contacts us because of a problem with off campus access to an electronic resource, start by asking whether or not they are able to log into their GroupWise e-mail and Blackboard.

If they are not, ask that they change their password in PAM.

If they are able to access Blackboard and their GroupWise e-mail, check their status in PAM.

If it provides their status as a green light, indicate that they will need to contact the ITS Help Desk (e-mail to or call 773-508-4487) and ask to be “authenticated in LDAP.”

Previous problems for students and faculty members in the School of Nursing have been addressed so that they need not be treated differently from other members of the Loyola community.

A number of patrons have reported that they can’t log into library resources, but that they can log into Blackboard and email. Have them call the ITS help desk and tell them “I can’t authenticate in LDAP.” This will hopefully get the patron referred to the right person at ITS instead of back to us. –Jen

As we near the busy end of the semester, you may be receiving more calls from students regarding access to our electronic resources via the proxy login.

While all issues can be directed to me immediately if I am in that day, please remember that there is a print out in the front of the blue binder regarding steps to take in the event that I am out of the office all day.

You can also find all the pertinent information here in my original post:




Below you will find some new guidelines regarding patrons who are having proxy issues.  I have also placed a copy of these guidelines in the blue folder at the 2nd floor IC Reference Desk.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

– Tara

Proxy Issue Troubleshooting

The following list of actions is for patrons who are having trouble accessing the Libraries’ electronic resources through the Flagship proxy.  Please note that these issues can be forwarded to Tara Radniecki immediately, but in the event she is not available please go through the steps below before contacting Gino Angelini.

The most common signs that it is a proxy issue are a database asking a patron for a username and password (not their Loyola one) to view an article or the flagship proxy login screen telling them their username and password are incorrect.

1.        First, get the patron’s department and status (undergraduate, graduate, faculty, etc).

***Note: Patrons who are affiliated with the Medical Center and are NOT in the Nursing Dept do not generally have access to the Flagship proxy.  They usually only have access to the Medical Center Library’s proxy, Archer.  Faculty and graduate students in the Nursing dept are supposed to have access to both Flagship and Archer even though they are affiliated with the Medical Center.

2.        If a database or online periodical is asking a patron for a non-Loyola username and password, ask the patron to log into the flagship proxy separately, before trying to access the resource. You can find the link for the proxy login on the Libraries’ homepage under Help Off-Campus Access.

***All our databases should automatically prompt users to log in when accessing from off-campus, but this is not always the case and this step would identify that issue.

3.        If the login fails and the patron cannot get into the flagship proxy, check the patron’s account in PAM (Personal Account Manager). You can access it here: Simply put in the patrons last name or username.  If the account shows a red light, click on it to see the exact problem.  If it is a grace login issue, the patron can go into PAM themselves and reset their password.  For any other red light issue the patron can call the IT Help Desk at (773) 508 – 4 ITS, Monday – Friday 8am-6pm.  If the patron account shows a green light, continue reading.

4.        If none of the above issues seem to be the problem and the patron is a Nursing graduate student or faculty, please email Gino the patron’s username and explain that they are in the nursing program and he needs to add them to the flagship proxy.  Nursing should be the only discipline where this specific problem comes up.

5.        If none of these scenarios seem applicable, please have the patron contact Tara Radniecki or Gino Angelini.

Tara Radniecki   :   773-508-2858   :

Gino Angelini   :   773 – 508-7731   :

Telecom informs me that the “bug” problem has been resolved.  However, please do keep me informed about any complaints or messages that you receive in the next few weeks about off campus access.   I want to keep on top of this, so we are sure it has been resolved.  Thanks.  ( or 8-8409)

Over the last week or so I have received complaints from patrons that they are not accessing the flagship page at all from off campus.  They are typically seeing a “server not found” message screen instead of the flagship login screen.   The IT department has been notified and they are currently looking into what may be causing the problem.  Unfortunately for now, I have no answers other than to say that the proxy server is having network difficulties.  Gino informs me that this should be fixed soon, but it’s more of a buggy problem that is inconsistently occuring within our network, so it may take a few days to figure it out.  So I ask for your patience and will let you all know once I hear back from IT.   Please forward all the proxy-related phone calls to me.  Thanks! Sherri

IT is moving some servers on Saturday June 7th.  The proxy server will be unavailable beginning at 5:00 a.m. and should be restored no later than 5:00 p.m. the same day.

For patrons who can’t access the proxy, please check the following things first:

Check the patron account in PAM. If the account shows a red light, have the patron call the help desk immediately. If the patron account shows a green light, continue reading.

If the patron is logging in using incorrect information, 5 invalid passwords means the proxy system will block that patron for 15 minutes.

Another way the proxy identifies and blocks patrons, would be if the patron makes 10 or more invalid attempts to login from their IP address (at home or the office); the system will block them out for 30 minutes. As long as different attempts are coming from that same IP address (albeit incorrect), the proxy will block the patron. Any further attempts on the users part will reset that timer.

Your best option is to tell the patron to wait for 30 minutes, then they should be able to login.

In emergency situations, when patrons are insistent on not waiting 30 minutes; you do have the option of calling Gino (8-7731) and asking him to reset the patrons account.

Any other questions, please call Sherri at 8-8409. Thanks!