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A theology instructor has sent several reports of her students being told that our library does not contain either the Anchor Bible Commentary or the New Interpreter’s Bible Commentary.  Both sources are in the library collection.

One copy of every volume in the Anchor Bible Commentary may be found in the reference collection.  Each volume corresponds with one (occasionally two or three) book in the Bible.  Each volume has a slightly different call number but all are shelved together beginning at the call number (Ref) BS 192.2 .A1.

The library has duplicate copies of many volumes of the Anchor Bible Commentary.  Those are shelved in the main stacks at the same call number as they are at in the reference collection.  The main stacks copies are available for checkout.

Each volume of the New Interpreter’s Bible Commentary contains commentary on several books in the Bible.  The volumes are at the call number (Ref) BS 491.2 .N484.  This title is not in the main stacks; it is only in the reference collection.

The instructor is also reporting students misdirected to the reference collection.  When asked where it is located, please be sure to offer the Circulation Desk as a source of help if your directions do not get someone there successfully.  It is easier for staff at the Circulation Desk to describe the location than it is to do so from the second floor of the IC.

Please remember to reshelve in the reference collection weekdays before 12:00 noon.  Don’t forget to attend to your daily tidy-up!  If you would like a refresher on the procedure, please request that in an e-mail to

Remember that you likely aren’t wearing a badge that identifies you as a library staff member.  This means that when you go behind the Circulation Desk to retrieve items for reshelving, the staff members there may not know who you are.  Simply let anyone unfamiliar to you know that you’re a Reference Assistant taking care of reshelving in the reference collection.

The shift in the reference collection is complete!  New range cards are hanging and the call number map is updated.  You may wish to refamiliarize yourself with where commonly used titles are shelved as nearly every book in the collection has been moved.

Please resume regular reshelving weekdays before 12:00 noon.  Remember the day’s tidy-up, too.  A new tidy-up map is in the binder at the IC desk and posted in Stack Deck A.  Each day’s assigned area has changed to match the rearrangement so please check the map as you reshelve.

Your questions are welcome.  Please send them to

As part of a larger reorganization of stack decks A, B, and C (reference is on B), the reference collection will be rearranged beginning this week.  The project’s duration is uncertain; expect it to take at least two weeks.

When the project is complete, the As will be shelved along the west wall (where Ps are currently).  The Zs will be at the end of the space that is closest to the Donovan Reading Room.  The call number ranges will run the full length of each aisle (consistent with the shelving in the main stacks).  Ask a librarian for a better explanation, if you’re curious.

While the rearranging is being done, your work will be affected in two ways.

First, please be prepared to help users locate and request items in the reference collection using the guidelines below.

— Users will be able to access the collection but certain call number ranges will be inaccessible at any given time

— During librarian hours, offer to walk a user to the reference collection and help him/her locate an item

— All items will be made available upon request within 24 hours

— Use the Request link in an item’s Pegasus catalog record (just as you would for an intercampus loan request)

— Note that guests without library cards cannot make these automated requests; it is unlikely this will be an issue but if it arises, please request help from a librarian or, if no librarian is available, ask for the guest’s contact information and send it to me ( along with the item information

Secondly, we will be responsible for our usual reshelving throughout the project.  Reshelve to the best of your ability.  If you cannot determine where an item should be shelved, take it to our department office and place it on my desk.

Please send your questions to me at  It will be exciting to have a better organized, freshly shelved reference collection!


Please remember that the reference collection reshelving needs to be done daily, Monday through Friday, before 12:00 noon.  Please consider reviewing the procedure as printed in the blue binder.  It is also linked from the Pages section of this blog.  In the event you did not have a morning shift last semester, I will be happy to walk through the procedure with you.  Please simply send an e-mail requesting this to me at

Later today all of the new members of our staff will have learned the reshelving procedure, a task we should attend to Monday through Friday before 12:00 noon.  Please remember that the procedure is explained in a document that you will find in the blue binder and linked from the “pages” section of this blog.  In addition to the day’s shelving, walk through the day’s tidy-up area.  With your help, we can keep our reference collection organized and clean.  Please send questions to me at any time (

Please remember that the same CREF reshelving procedure remains in effect through the summer (daily, Monday through Friday, before noon).

In addition, we’ve prepared a new daily task that should help insure the tidiness of our print reference collection.  Please refer to the blue manual or the pages link at right when you need to consult the CREF reshelving procedure.  A color-coded map has been added to it, indicating what sections of CREF should be tidied each day of the week.  Please familiarize yourself with the new procedure regardless of your schedule.  Given this summer’s scheduled, Jack, Erica, and Grace will become accustomed to it first.

The new procedure is listed as Step 7: “Tidy the day’s section (see map) by removing non-reference materials, correcting shelving errors, and tidying up, paying special attention to the lowest shelves.”

Please walk the day’s sections s-l-o-w-l-y and be on the watch for problems (most likely non-reference items or reference items shelved incorrectly).  When you see a problem, fix it!  Tidy the shelves as you go.  Toss trash.  Remove or replace errant bookends.  The lowest shelves receive the least attention, except for the hits they take from the vacuum, so please give straightening them extra attention.

A color-coded map is in the manual and posted above the reshelving table.  Each day’s section has its own color.  Note that Monday’s section includes the index wall along the back of CREF.

E-mail with your questions.

Oversized atlases cannot be shelved in CREF.  Instead, they are on atlas stands adjacent to Niamh’s office and the photocopier room.  These stands are not a unique location in Pegasus.  If you help a researcher who would like to see an atlas, be sure to advise him/her of both locations or, if possible, accompany him/her to Cudahy Library and check both locations together.

When you reshelve, if an atlas will not shelve neatly in CREF, take it to the atlas stands and place it in an available space there.  While you’re at it, tidy up a bit!  More on that theme is coming soon….

Lewis Reference reports that the ERIC document PDF system was down. Susan called their 800 number and there was a message that the PDF system is down and they can not predict when it will be back up, but updates will be posted to their website.

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