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As part of an assignment for Sociology 365, students are required to consult with a librarian on their literature review.  They may be coming to the desk for a more casual review, but feel free to refer them to Ben if they want a more in depth review.

UCWR students are using an online program called Pearson Writer to cite the sources in their research papers.  In the “Cite a Source” section of Pearson Writer, a student can use a template to prepare the citation.  A menu with tabs for website, book, journal, database, and “all 61 options” appears on the page.  Going to a tab initiates the use of one of the templates.  “All 61 options” links to templates for less common source types such as photographs and encyclopedia entries.

It is possible that as the semester progresses, UCWR students will ask for our help identifying pieces of information needed in a template.

Students in a communications class need to locate the first page of a newspaper from 40 years ago (1974) and from their birth year (approximately 1996).

For the 40-year-old paper, suggest using the New York Times digitally.  Note the option to search a specific date and to limit results to document type: front page/cover story.    Generate a list of results for that date.  Open one article from the results list and then select page view.  Download that page and provide it to the student by saving to a flash drive or sending it by e-mail.

Repeat the process for the paper from their birth date.

Hi everyone,

It’s that time of year again when chemistry students start getting material assignments. A lot of professors will refer them to “Genium,” “HazMatZone” or, more commonly, “MSDS” which is a resource that details compounds and lots of hazardous things that can happen with them.

It is a great resource, but the catch with it is you need to enter our institutional ID, which is listed in the description – For your reference the user name is “loyola” and the password is “msdslibrary.”

We are working to set this resource up so that the username/password situation is more user-friendly.

If you or your patrons have any questions about this have them contact me –


Students may contact the desk looking for a Boston Globe article from June 2012 article that is assigned reading for their class. This article is in Factiva, but it’s very tricky to find. I’ve attached a link to the PDF in this post, and the PDF is saved to the desktop on both computers.


We’ve been getting (and can expect to continue to get for another week or so) questions about finding information on several Hindu gods and goddesses from students in Introduction to Hinduism (THEO 208), taught by Yarina Liston.

Though many relevant books have been checked out of the stacks already, several reference sources and searches for e-journal articles in the ATLA Religion Index research database will serve students well.  You will find a course guide at  Please refer students to it and use it yourself, if you wish, for ideas and help.

I managed to get a copy of the assignment from one of the students. Students have to be able to provide a photograph of them next to the source for each of the questions, and all questions must be answered with a map or other printed resource.

1. Who was William Hale ‘Big Bill” Thompson and what royal figure did he threaten to ‘bust on the snoot?”
2. Who were the first father-and-son mayors of Chicago?
3. How many Native Americans were living in the Chicago metropolitan area in 1980?
4. What was the date of the Lager Beer Riot?
5. In what year was the Tribune Company incorporated? what year was the paper founded?
6. What building is on the northeast corner of Michigan and Chestnut?
7. What does the scientific or technical term “Chicago boom” mean?
8. What is the direct-line distance between Chicago and Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean?
9. In what year did they lay the cornerstone of the Archbishop Quigley Center at Loyola’s Water Tower Campus?
10. Who is the current mayor of Chicago?

Bonus question:
What is Paul Dailing’s middle name?

You may have been getting questions at the ref desk from students conducting research on: an African country (each student has a different country assigned) / authors from this country / political/social issues). These students are members of an honors program class, “Encountering Africa.” Please feel free to give a student my contact information. Many of these students need in-depth research assistance beyond what we can typically offer at the ref desk. The professor has suggested that the students contact me directly (I’ve worked with about half the class), but some may just show up at the desk.

In case anyone comes looking for the resources for Prof. Gramata’s class (Mark 363), they can be found here:

When making referrals for religion- related research questions, please keep in mind that students and faculty affiliated with the Department of Theology are encouraged to seek my assistance (Jane Currie, while students and faculty affiliated with the Institute for Pastoral Studies are encouraged to contact Yolande Wersching (

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