statistics gathering

When entering stats into Libanalytics, it’s not necessary to type anything into the “Time Stamp” box, as the system will automatically record the date and time. However, if you type a date into that box, the time of the transaction is not accurately recorded.

Please be sure that you are not entering anything into the Time Stamp box. The only exception is if you are backdating stats, which should be a rare occurrence at the Reference Desk.

Please check with Niamh if you have any questions about this.

While looking over desk statistics for the past school year, it became apparent that we, as a department, under-reported our desk activity. Reference Desk stats are useful for many reasons, and it’s important that we accurately record the number of times we help our patrons.
As we start a new school year, please pay careful attention to Libanalytics and be sure that you are recording all transactions that fall within the categories that we record.
Feel free to ask the librarian on duty if you are unsure about recording any transactions. We can always go back a delete or edit the stats in Libanalytics, but it’s much harder to record things after the fact.


Beginning Monday, July 23rd, all IC reference staff should begin using a new program, LibAnalytics, to record reference activity, and discontiue use of LibStats. Lewis staff will begin using LibAnalytics on August 1st.

The LibAnalytics link has been added to the Firefox and IE browsers on the ref desk workstations. You’ll see this link in the bookmarks bar at the top of the page, to the left of Text-A-Librarian. If you don’t find the link, just enter in the browser address bar, or try the following url: (

The LibAnalytics form asks for the identical information that we’ve entered in LibStats, but the layout has changed somewhat and the login process is different.

Stephen will send the IC ref desk staff basic instructions on the log in procedure, and on how to record desk activity. More detailed information/training will follow. Several desk staff are already using LibAnalytics, so if you have any questions or difficulty, please ask a colleague for assistance. If no one is available to assist you, then please open LibStats and record activity as usual – we’ll be able to re-enter this information into LibAnalytics.

The implementation team members are Stephen Macksey (, Niamh McGuigan (, and Tracy Ruppman ( For more detailed information, please contact Stephen, Tracy, or Niamh.