We have new computers at the reference desk! The printer is already set up and the three main websites (libanalytic, text-a-lib, and library help) are bookmarked in FireFox.
Downloading Chrome requires a Admin password. Paul is set as the Admin, so if you need additional programs, ask him.

Students, faculty, staff, and guests are encouraged to attend library catalog training sessions this fall.

Additional training sessions will be scheduled to meet demand.

Online Training Sessions in Adobe Connect
Tuesday, August 25, 11:30 – noon
Thursday, August 27, 2:30 – 3:00
Monday, August 31, 4:00 – 4:30
Wednesday, September 2, 11:30 – noon

In-Person Sessions in Information Commons 120
Monday, August 24, 10:30 – 11:00
Wednesday, August 26, 2:00 – 2:30

Tuesday, September 1, 10:30 – 11:00

Access online training sessions here: https://connect.luc.edu/libraryinfo/ or watch a recording of an earlier session here: https://connect.luc.edu/p9c1de6ar7u/

Contact us if you have additional questions: cud-ref@luc.edu 773.508.2632

From June 26 through late July, many of our ebooks will be unavailable because of the transition to a new library system. When patrons try to access these ebooks through Pegasus, they’ll get a message saying that the book is temporarily unavailable, and that they should contact Reference for help.

If you hear from patrons about this problem, there are a couple of approaches to consider:

1. You can try to help the patron find another book or article that would suit their research need

2. You can suggest that the patron request the book through ILL

3. If an e-book is needed, have the patron fill out this form: http://libraries.luc.edu/purchase You can tell the patron that we will do our best to purchase the e-book they need, but it may take some time.

4. Do not hesitate to refer these questions to one of the reference librarians.

In all cases, please be sure to record these transactions in Libanalytics, and record the title of the book that was requested when you enter the question.

Hi everyone – Just a quick heads up that LibGuides v2 servers will be down for planned upgrades for about 90 minutes on Friday, February 13th starting at 10pm U.S. EST / 7pm PST.


We don’t anticipate many users trying to access those resources at that time, but if there are questions, feel free to refer to the above link.

Pegasus will be down for planned system maintenance for the next couple of days. It should be up and running at some point on the 16th (Wednesday), but it may be available again sooner than that. It is difficult to predict exactly how long this update will take.

During this time, Pegasus will not appear on the library website. Worldcat Local is working, and it will indicate which books we own, but it will not display call numbers or locations (Cudahy vs Lewis vs Storage vs Law vs Health Sciences, etc). There is also no way of knowing if a book is checked out.

The best option for helping patrons locate a book is to search for the item in the catalog of another library and hope that their call numbers match up relatively well with ours. Some good places to search include University of Chicago, UIC, and Northwestern (although Northwestern has a lot of Dewey call numbers, so watch out for these). Be sure to explain to the patron that this call number is a best guess, and that we can’t be sure that the book will be on the shelf until we find it. If possible, go over to Cudahy and check the stacks to confirm the call number.

Also remember that many books will be in Lewis Library, the Law Library, or Health Sciences. Books in the following subject areas are likely to be at Lewis:

Business, Communication, Computer Science, Criminal Justice, Education, Mathematics & Statistics, Pastoral Studies, and Social Work

I noticed yesterday that the Username is not being recognized by the system.
Just a heads up and I’ve sent Niamh a message.


The last Blackboard Drop-in this week will be tomorrow afternoon 12/20. We may be in 204 later in the week, but are not necessarily staffing the room again until we resume Drop-ins on Jan 3.

If people are looking for extra computers during finals, please feel free to tell them about room 120, the instruction classroom. The only scheduled use of the room is from 10-2 tomorrow, Dec. 14th. Other than that reservation, the room is open through finals. Thanks,

The shuttle will stop running at 3:00pm on December 20 (the last day of finals). Service will resume on Jan. 17, the day after the MLK Day holiday.

A plastic part fell off one of the water fountains up here. Ross has notified facilities. The part is in our cabinet. If you’re around when facilities comes to work on it, please be sure to give them the part.

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