Digital Media Services had to make some changes to Web Checkout, the system for reserving group study rooms and digital media equipment. There were some problems that kept some users from logging in, so this is a temporary fix while they work that out.

The big change comes with logging in. After entering username and password and hitting enter, nothing will happen on the log in screen. The user will then need to click on the “Web Checkout” icon on the top right of the screen to proceed to the next step. There are paper instructions on the monitor at the 2nd floor desk, but I don’t believe that this new step has been explained anywhere else at this point.

Beginning Monday, April 20th and continuing through Monday, May 4th, there will be no community access to the IC and Cudahy Library. Restricted access applies to community visitors only . Alumni, Friends of the Libraries, guests from reciprocal institutions, and guests of Loyola patrons will continue to have access to the IC and Cudahy Library during this time. Please inform all community guests that access to the IC and Cudahy Library will resume on Tuesday, May 5.

Hi everyone,

I received word that Wiley will be updating their Online Library this Saturday (March 21st) from 4am-2pm CST. There will be services outages. If you or a patron need to contact them, please refer to this link:

For help repairing a photocopier, contact IC Supervisor Amy Leung (

For photocopier toner replacement, also contact Amy.

For help with the photocopier card reader, contact Ursula Scholz ( or 8-2636).

The lock has been changed on Room 204 (the ITRS drop-in room), and we have requested a new key. In the meantime, if any University staff members ask you to unlock that room, please contact the IC supervisor on duty, who can unlock the room.

Hi everyone – Just a quick heads up that LibGuides v2 servers will be down for planned upgrades for about 90 minutes on Friday, February 13th starting at 10pm U.S. EST / 7pm PST.

We don’t anticipate many users trying to access those resources at that time, but if there are questions, feel free to refer to the above link.

When entering stats into Libanalytics, it’s not necessary to type anything into the “Time Stamp” box, as the system will automatically record the date and time. However, if you type a date into that box, the time of the transaction is not accurately recorded.

Please be sure that you are not entering anything into the Time Stamp box. The only exception is if you are backdating stats, which should be a rare occurrence at the Reference Desk.

Please check with Niamh if you have any questions about this.

Please take a moment to review the guidelines for reserving the different types of rooms in the library.

Some key things to note:

IC_RoomReservations (1)

As part of an assignment for Sociology 365, students are required to consult with a librarian on their literature review.  They may be coming to the desk for a more casual review, but feel free to refer them to Ben if they want a more in depth review.

Please remember to reshelve in the reference collection weekdays before 12:00 noon.  Don’t forget to attend to your daily tidy-up!  If you would like a refresher on the procedure, please request that in an e-mail to

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