When a student, faculty member, or staff person contacts us because of a problem with off campus access to an electronic resource, start by asking whether or not they are able to log into their Outlook e-mail and Sakai.

If they are not able to access their Outlook e-mail and Sakai, ask that they change their password in PAM.

If they are able to access their Outlook e-mail and Sakai, check their status in PAM.

If PAM provides a red light, explain that they need to contact the Registrar.

If PAM provides a green light, ask whether they are in any way affiliated with the campus in Maywood and Loyola’s nursing program.  (Please see note below concerning non-nursing students/faculty with Maywood affiliation.)

If the answer is yes, immediately send an e-mail to gangeli@luc.edu with the individual’s name and e-mail address.  Tell the individual that you are referring their concern to the library’s Systems Department and that they will receive more information via e-mail as promptly as possible.

If the answer is no, indicate that they will need to contact the ITS Help Desk (e-mail to helpdesk@luc.edu or call 773-508-4487) and ask to be “authenticated in LDAP.”

Note: Medical school faculty and students do not have access to our library’s proxy server.  Encourage these individuals to contact the Health Sciences Library.