Procedures for reshelving in the Cudahy Library Reference Collection and in the Information Commons:

Materials will be reshelved daily, Monday through Friday, before 12:00 noon.

Step 1
Tidy second floor dictionary and style manual collection.  Identify any volumes that belong on another floor and return them there.

Step 2
Before leaving the Information Commons for Cudahy Library, gather any library materials (books, bound journals, current periodicals) that have accumulated at the second floor desk.

Step 3
Retrieve any items on our reshelving table except government documents and take them to the Circulation Desk.  Take government documents to Stack Deck A.

Step 4
Give a Circulation Desk staff member all of the items you found on the reshelving table.  Ask him/her to discharge all of the reference items; any non-reference items (for example, current or bound periodicals; items from the Main Stacks) may be placed in the book drop.

Step 5
Retrieve all reference items already processed in Access Services from our shelf adjacent to the Circulation Desk.  Check that the items you retrieve are reference items and not bound periodicals or other materials.  Carry the reference items to the Reference Collection.

Step 6
Arrange the items to be reshevled in call number order on the reshelving table.  Proceed with reshelving them.  Consider the following as you reshelve:

  1. When a title has more than one volume, the volumes should be shelved in order.
  2. Take time to correct shelving mistakes you see as you work.  For example, remove non-reference items, move items shelved incorrectly, and remove items left on the shelf haphazardly.
  3. Take time to tidy as you work.  Align books along the edge of the shelf.  Straighten and hold books in place with a bookend.  Retrieve needed bookends from their storage shelf; return unneeded ones to the same location.

Step 7
Tidy the day’s section (see map) by removing non-reference materials, correcting shelving errors, and tidying up, paying special attention to the lowest shelves.

Step 8
Return to the Information Commons with any (IC) REF materials found while you were in Cudahy Library.  Reshelve them with their correct floor collection.