Kelly O’Connor McNees: The Island of Doves

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Featured Guest:
Kelly O’Connor McNees

Featured Book:
The Island of Doves

Date & Location:
Tuesday, April 15, 2014
6 p.m.

Klarchek Information Commons,
4th Floor
Lake Shore Campus
1032 West Sheridan

Kelly Mcnees

On April 15 the Friends of the Library
Speaker Series welcomes Kelly O’Connor
McNees, please come join us as she
discusses her historical novel, The Island of Doves.

The Island of Doves is a historical novel about two women, wealthy fur-trader
Magdelaine Fonteneau and runaway wife
Susannah Fraser, whose lives intersect on
Mackinac Island in 1835. At this time of great change for the island–steamboat
travel has opened this once-isolated place,
and the fur trade is a thing of the
past–Magdelaine offers Susannah refuge
in her home, unaware of how the young
woman’s presence will dredge up secrets
long buried and wounds unhealed. This
talk will focus on the research on the island, and particularly the remarkable life
of Magdelaine LaFramboise, the “first lady
of Mackinac Island” and the woman on
whom the fictional protagonist is based.

Kelly O’Connor McNees is the author of
three novels: The Island of Doves,
The Lost Summer of Louisa May Alcott,
and In Need of a Good Wife, a finalist for
the Willa Award. She lives with
her husband and daughter in Chicago.

The Island of Doves

Free Admission
Copies of the book will be available for purchase and signing.

For more information. please contact Svetlana Surkevicius at 773 508-2641 or

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  1. Kelly..just finished Island of the Doves…what an enjoyable read. Interesting story. Im fond of historical fiction so i liked this very much..i had trouble putting it down…and i didn’t want it to end.left me with a warm feeling.

  2. Nice book, enjoy reading it.


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